How to make 4000 dollars a month in passive income with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

There are a lot of people making full time passive incomes with Clickfunnels working from home. By that I mean more than 4000 dollars a month just by being an affiliate promoting Clickfunnels. I have researched many affiliate programs, their payouts and structure and I only recommend things that I believe in a 100 percent and am impressed with myself. I can say that if you desire to make a lot of money online, then this is the right way to start or try as a side hustle even. You really don’t have anything to lose by trying it out, but if you succeed it will change your entire life. You will become financially free and can live as you please as your own boss. 


There are many ways you could make money on the internet, good money even. Most of us dream of having a good stream of passive income but a few of us actually achieve that little dream. The facts are that it is very possible though if you put some effort into it and keep at it. Now, I have searched the internet far and wide for the best possible affiliate programs, and I have discovered that the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is by far the best one, and the one with the most generous payments. It also comes with free intensive training that will make you a true expert.

I personally only like affiliate programs that pay a recurring fee for your effort because it is just so much more beneficial to get an actual recurring, steady monthly payment. It is also true passive income when you get paid again, and again for a sale. Also, quite frankly you deserve it for your effort and for landing the sale for a company. Click funnels is a funnel/website builder and management software with an outstanding affiliate program. Their commissions are by far the best I have ever seen before in any program I have been in or found before. 

40% recurring monthly commissions, every month. 

Because Clickfunnels is a software that only needed to be built once, they are able to offer a very generous percentage of every sale. If you bring in a customer you will earn money from that customer you signed up as long as they are signed up with Clickfunnels. You could get paid for many years for a single sale. That means you could earn a lot in passive income. Let’s say you sell a 118.8 dollar monthly subscription to Dave, your friend. Dave will be a Clickfunnels customer for ten years, and for TEN years you will get 118 dollars a month into your bank account without doing anything! That sale is already secured and that customer belongs to you, how awesome is that? That is how affiliate marketing works. This is the real reason I like recurring payment programs so much. Imagine being able to sell just 10 subscriptions for that same price, and you would get 10*118.8 dollars every month into your account for doing nothing. That means 1.188 dollars a month for no work from only 10 sales!

Clickfunnels Pricing.

  • There are two main price levels you can choose in subscriptions, but you can sell many other products in the actual Clickfunnels Dashboard. Free books even which I find very easy to sell. 
  • The first package is 97 dollars and the full, more expensive package is 297 dollars. 
  • The 297 dollar one is basically everything you need to run a business. 
  • If you sell the 97$ subscription you will make 38.8$ a month.
  • If you sell the 297$ subscription you will make 118.8$ a month. 
  • Pretty sweet eh?
  • How many accounts do I need to sell to make 4000 dollars per month?  
  • If you sell the 97$ one it is 103 accounts.
  • If you sell the 297$ one it is only 34 sales. 
  • Remember, once you have made the sale it is passive income every month. 

How can Clickfunnels benefit a business owner.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs worry a lot about bringing in traffic to their website and landing pages. And that is a good thing, considering how important getting as much traffic as possible is to being successful. But actually, just getting traffic is not enough on it’s own. You need to be able to convert and make actual sales to make money online and be profitable. That is where sales funnels come in. Sales funnels are a wonderful marketing tactic and having a good funnel as your landing page encourages people to buy from you and you will make a lot more sales and profits with one. Clickfunnels is basically a all-in one package that manages your entire business and also builds amazing sales funnels that increase sales exponentially. 

Clickfunnels will replace the need for all these things and simplify it by having them together in one place. 

  • Landing Page Software
  • Website Hosting 
  • Email Autoresponder 
  • Split Testing Software
  • Affiliate Software
  • Automated Webinar Software 
  • Membership Site Software

Everyone who is serious about their online presence and marketing should take a look into the features this software has to offer, I can’t imagine being without it. 

How does a sales funnel work?

A sale funnel can take many forms but they all work in a similar fashion. At the top you will lure in traffic, and the customer will get pulled in further into the funnel by good marketing, and interesting information. When you have a customer inside your marketing funnel, you have them hooked, you have their e-mail for example which you may have gotten by giving away something free of value. They appreciate the offer and it will be way easier to get them to commit to a purchase while they are in the funnel. A funnel can be created and optimized especially just for what you are trying to sell or achieve. Clickfunnels has hundreds of these pre-made funnel templates which you can try for yourself in their free 14 day trial right here. 

How to sell Clickfunnels?

If you know what you are doing, making 4000 dollars a month in passive income will become easy. There is a basic strategy and some steps/stages you should follow to get results. This is only one method, remember. 

Stage 1: You need to understand the basics of how sales funnels work and what they are. There are many types of sales funnels even if they all work the same way at the core, but an e-commerce store for example may need a conversion funnel that fits their specific business module. You can choose these pre-made templates in the software already, which is very useful. 

Stage 2: You need to understand your specific audience and realize who might benefit from using the Clickfunnels software or a sales funnel. There are so many businesses and stores who could potentially benefit from it, by getting more sales for example. We will focus on business owners in general, but you need to realize the possibilities. Agencies could also use it, or even therapist websites. Understand the client and their needs. What problem do they need to solve?

Stage 3: In this step you build a landing page using Clickfunnels. Like I have mentioned above, they have many pre-made funnel templates for this purpose so you do not need to have any technical skills or knowledge to set this up. It is very user friendly, and there are countless tutorials if you need any help with this. I found this very easy to figure out and to build a landing page, there is a drag and drop website builder used for it. 

Stage 4: Next you need to schedule a completely free webinar for people to sign up for. It is easier to get people to sign up and lure them in when you are giving something free to them, much similar to how a funnel works. Now that they have signed up you have their contact information and can continue to promote to them if you wish. You could call your free webinar many things such as *how to build a marketing funnel* or *how to get more sales*. 

Stage 5: This is where your marketing skills will come in handy. You need to get sign-ups for your free webinar and drive traffic to it. You can learn all about that here. You can advertise for free on social media and blogs, but also use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Instagram ads. In my experience Facebook Ads work the best for this. 

Stage 6: Conduct your webinar and make them realize the potential and value you have to offer. Teach them to set up sales funnels with Clickfunnels and how the software could simplify their life and manage their entire business. Show them how easy it is to set the funnels up and how they could help them sell things more easily. A good sale funnel is the greatest marketing and conversation trick there is. Show this confidently and show the potential for profit, and how they could benefit from what you have to offer. Make them realize how much more money they could be making with a good funnel, then help them set up their own funnel. 

Stage 7. This final step is all about what you do after you have made the sale and gained a customer. You got their contact information already which means you can send them follow up e-mails. By following this method you could build your very own e-mail list which is one of the most powerful marketing tactics available. The emails you will gather through the sign-ups are incredibly valuable to you as you can keep promoting products and offers to these interested people in the future. You will own this email list forever as your own. They have already shown interest in your offers which means that in a week from now they might buy a 800 dollar Clickfunnels package, which you would get a 40 percent commission on. This business model can be quite profitable indeed. Afterwards you can send your entire e-mail list a follow-up e-mail with an affiliate link to sign up for the free 14-day trial.