Aweber Review 2022-Does It Best Autoresponder?

aweber review 2022

In this post below, you will get to read Aweber Review 2021 based on my experience with this auto responding email marketing software tool.

A few days back, I was trying to get an autoresponder service for my email marketing campaign and went through a few popular providers in the market.

I thought it would be beneficial for people like me to share my experience, and from that, here’s my take on Aweber. I have tried to share everything you need to know about Aweber’s offers and prices as well as features that you will get if you use it.

I will also show you why it is better than most of the other email responding services out there in the market. Let’s move on to the beginning of my review.

What is Auto Responding Software?

An autoresponder tool is an email marketing software that automates the series of email sending tasks based on the subscribers, or users’ behavior, or some trigger event predefined.

You can decide what happens with your subscribers when they do any specific activity on your platform. Many auto-response software are in the market, but my choice is Aweber because I love the way it works and the simplicity.

In the coming section, I have shown a simple demonstration of how email auto-responding software works in the real world. Let’s check it out first.


How Does Auto-Responders Work in Email Marketing?

Imagine you have registered on any website giving them your email. After a few minutes of your signup, you got an email right into your inbox. The email was great because it has a well-designed structure and graphically demonstrated their offers and recent news.

It seems familiar, right? Well, what do you think? How can they be so fast making such designed emails when hundreds of people are registering on the platform at the same time? Well, the simple answer is Auto Responders.

Yes, they have designed an earlier for every new user and assigned the autoresponder to send whenever any new registration happens. You can set an unlimited email sending feature to any email from your email list or to all of them.

You can control the whole journey of any email subscribers or website visitors you have on the list. That’s why digital marketers are emphasizing building up email lists. It helps to keep your followers and email subscribers engaged with your content.

It is how every auto-responders work and reach potential people who might buy your products or services in the market.

Aweber Review: An Award-Winning Email Auto-Responding Tool

Aweber is a leading email marketing tool provider, established in 1998. Since then, it has helped millions of its users automate their email marketing campaigns through their platform. Reviewing

Aweber is not just for the sake of it; when I have used it, as I said earlier, I have gone through most of them in the market. But I can only recommend it because I loved it while using it. Let’s understand Aweber and learn how it works.

What is Aweber & How it Works?

Aweber is not just an email marketing software. It lets a lot more to do with its great features. You are not going to get something like this in any other email marketing software. However, if you need to set up a series of predefined emails for your subscribers based on their activities, Aweber is the best choice for you. Here’s what it lets you do,

  • It allows you to create dedicated email list & store data from peoples responses
  • Using it, you can design custom email newsletters or landing pages for collecting leads
  • Autoresponders allows you to send emails and collect information automatically
  • You can analyze users’ data and set you next plan based on users’ behavior

Why I Chose Aweber Over Others?

Now, here I can tell you directly that the only reason why I chose Aweber over other premium tools in the same category. But I think it would be wise if I tell you the reason with a convenient explanation so you can find it logical.

I know many of you may have used others and many of you didn’t ever. So, I will tell you my story exactly how I chose, the reason for my purpose. Let’s hop in.

I am a professional digital marketer working on many different projects, and of course, I have a dedicated team. Previously I was using a very sophisticated method for reaching my potential client. But for one of my projects, I need to pitch my proposal to a few thousand business owners.

Do you see it? Here’s my need starts to grow. It was very tough to reach such amount of small business owners within a very short time. Now, I went through all of those autoresponders and email marketing software and their service details.

I have analyzed their features and offers. However, I couldn’t lose my business at any cost, and I have to ensure that each of those business owners gets my emails and respond to me. Though it is not possible, I wanted to make sure. So, I had to give it a try by sample data.

But no other company was letting me try any free version, but Aweber. Yes, they have a free version with limited access to their premium features, and it was okay for me.

At that moment, I was decided to use their software, and I did. I have received numerous responses with their free version, and then I went for their premium version based on my need. And from that moment, I am still using their service and getting lots of subscribers and potential clients to my businesses.

Well, that was it, now let’s check out Aweber’s pros and cons so that you can find the review authentic and logical as one.

Pros of Aweber

  • Free Package available to try
  • Easy Drag and Drop Builder
  • Attractive and engaging email & form templates
  • Customer service is highly appreciable
  • Cheap premium package and offers many features
  • It supports AMP & responsive (Optimized for mobile)
  • You can decide when and how a user can access any resources
  • Easy import facility takes no time
  • Many third-party tools you can integrate to make your work speedy
  • Web fonts are enabled while designing using any templates


Cons of Aweber

  • Aweber doesn’t provide multiple segmenting features for different lists
  • You cannot A/B test and cannot use anything like google GDPR or Facebook pixels.
  • Some templates are a bit traditional than right now
  • The RSS template is not very gorgeous like today, and you cannot edit them using the built-in builder

Final Verdict

I have shared everything I wanted to tell with you guys. I am happy and happy that I have make up to this. It was not very easy for me to review any product in such a competitive market. I know many of you will not agree with me, but I think you should give it a try.

I am sure my Aweber Review will surely help you to understand why I love it. I have tried my best to share all cornered features and usability from a different perspective. I don’t want just to mention their features and complete a random review. You can easily visit their service and features there. All I wanted to share is how my experience was while using it.

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