Flixsterz pro is a video platform that was inspired by Netflix, Disney, Apple TV Discovery, and many more video streaming services which will allow you to get visitors, a subscriber from a video website that will be controlled by you.

Flixterz Pro Review

Netflix is a leading video streaming company with more than 200 million subscribers all over the world. how did Netflix do that, what is their secret? The Secret is the video streaming Technology and right platform that allows them to gain more subscribers and grow them with time. there are so many TV series like House of card which attracts subscribers to their platform and engage and make payment to their platform.

By observing the growth of Netflix there are so many new companies formed like Apple TV, Disney, Even Russell Brunson launched his first video streaming platform called Funnell fix with traffic secrets training.

This method is clear that the secret behind video company’s growth is providing highly engaging video of their own, others hot video content, and have a platform that can beautifully showcase all of the videos together for seamless consumption. In Flixsterz Pro you will find out the way how you can go and get tons of your subscribers by only serving video content on your platform and making tons of sales.

This method is not dependent on youtube search engine optimization or any other long-term process, it will depend on your website, own video platform with your chosen niche. you will only grow your subscriber by service quality video content found on the web. you can grow your leads and subscriber with simple three-technique

step #1 import training video in your name

step#2 add your link to the title and description of the video

Step # 3 share the video on the social media platform

if you wanted to start your streaming service and grow like Netflix you must follow their strategy to gain subscriber that’s


in a single minute you can create your video streaming website by using FLIXSTERZ PRO you have to do just one thing just type it you are copying a YouTube channel ID into fixed arts and boom you will get all of the videos easily customize the video with your link and share it in social media this is a simple and effective method.


Inspired by Netflix Disney plus Apple TV Discovery and many more video streaming service

enter into the streaming battle with Netflix and the Russell Brunson

grow your followers that only serving them trending video on your name

Flixsterz is like Netflix and YouTube.Flixsterz navigation works like YouTube and with the experience of Netflix.

you will decide which video you will have to serve.

built-in interaction platform.

Multilanguage English Arabic 10 French German Russian Spanish Turkish

streaming service on any nice.

manage interaction like, comment, share and everything from a single screen.

clear dashboard to see all platform activity at a glance.

you can view import your follower email and user management module.

you will get access to fleets stars Facebook group.

over 90-minute video training on professional-level video streaming service.

one account either for personal or other business use.


you will learn the exact strategy used by Netflix Disney and Apple TV

how to learn and implement exact net fixed it to your business

how we can create a Netflix type streaming service within 60 second

how to legally use other people content to grow

the secret method to attract subscribers to join your Netflix like website


FLIXSTERZ Pro price only 47 you will get access to fixed hours right now and you can enjoy all of the features and create your video streaming network within 60 seconds, as soon as you get the access you will be able to create your own Netflix like platform with built-in comment share and all other activity control. also, you will be started to get and grow your subscriber base.

you have to act fast because the price will increase after being launched that’s why highly recommend getting the Flixstertz pro right now

If you wanted to more value to your Netflix like streaming service you also should consider there Upsells


This offer will allow you to import video from Tiktok for Amazon S3 with cloud integration

you will get a 10GB upload limit of your own created video.

you will be enabled to embed your Flixsterz video anywhere in the world

you can update the views and likes on any of your devices

you will be able to create a playlist for your video series and seamless consumption of your videos

you will be able to get a professional Channel view for easy integration and Direct Access to playlist and messenger.

You will be able to integrate your autoresponder with Flixsterz.

you will be able to engage with your customer with inbuilt Flixsterz messenger.

you will able to send notifications to your subscriber.

you will be able to start your blog using Flixsterz.

and last but not least you will be able to add 5 extra domains for additional video streaming services.


You will get the following advantages if you bought Flixsterz pay

You can create a udemy like website.

You can any video for pay per view model.

You can monetize your video with PayPal and stripe integration.

You can create a premium video site for full domain monetization.

You can set up ads in the header, footer, side, and comment section with HTML code

You can add your categories.


This agency package includes everything you need to monetize and earn from your video streaming site.

You will have your dashboard to add and manage different clients.

You will get pro functionality like youtube, TikTok, video hack, multi-language, video studio, comment manager, and email user manager.

You will have an autoresponder, messenger, blog post, view, and like updates in a single word you will have Flixterpro facility.

You will have payment functionality, video on demand and you can set up your categories.

Template for outreach and follow up for a prospective client.

Website to get Local business clients.

Three sales video presentation.

Work agreement, invoice template along with presentation template for a sales meeting.


If you wanted to create a company in the $86 bn dollar market you have to start ASAP.get flixsterz today and get your streaming service within one minute.


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