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Get response vs Aweber which is better? Today I am going to deep dive into their features and pricing, easy to use, different features. In this comparison, I looked at their different features which will help you decide which a better email marketing platform is for you. Below you will find an overview of get response VS Aweber features, pricing, easy to use, and other information.


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Get response and Aweber are both used for hosting email lists, sending newsletters to your subscriber, building a landing page, creating marketing automation. They also allow you to communicate with your subscriber using the autoresponder feature. Autoresponder is a system by which your subscriber get an automatic email when the signup auto subscribed to your list, you can set up automatic email for a week or month to send them occasional offers and will help you to communicate with your subscriber.

Best Email marketing service providers is crucial for your online success because it determines your email campaign success or failure. Let’s go too deep down into the get response vs Aweber debates.


There are four packages in get response


 A basic plan is used to send unlimited email to a maximum of 1000 subscribers. Basic package will cost you $15 per month.


 It will allow you to send an unlimited email for $49 per month, you can have a maximum of 1000 subscribers with additional features than basic plan.


 The professional package will charge you $49 per month with a maximum of 1000 subscribers. It will allow you to send an unlimited email, you can create marketing flow, and have Plus Package Features


Max pricing is negotiable if you have more than 1000 subscribers to a list, it will allow you to send unlimited email, create workflow, webinar integration and there are some more benefits in Max service.

 There are 30 days completely free trials available to get response so you can try their service. For a month without paying any cent.


 If you are a non-profit organization there are separate pricing plans available for you. You have to contact get response support to avail the offer.

 There are some major differences between those packages. In all package, you can able to send an unlimited email per month but additional landing page, webinars, and email integration, e-commerce integration is not available in all plan, so you have to upgrade plan depending on your needs.


There are two packages in Aweber; one is completely free for up to 500 subscribers and another one is a paid plan.

AWEBER FREE will let you use their product completely free with their branding but the maximum limit is 500 subscribers. It’s a good option for a new business owner who wanted to start their business as ASAP and use marketing automation.


Unlocks all the main functionality of the platform along with other benefits

 If you up to 500 subscribers it will cost you $19 per month

If you have a maximum of 2500 subscriber it will cost you $24 per month

With all of their features if your subscriber list is bigger to a maximum of 10000 subscribers it will cost you $69 per month

 If you have a maximum of 25000 subscribers it will cost you $149 per month.

 If you have a bigger size you have to contact our support for a quote and they will assist you

If you are a non-profit organization you will get a maximum of 3 months free with 25% off after all after your trial. And students also can avail 20% off.


If you’re starting the year with a new business and I don’t have a budget can try with Aweber free plan. When your list size is bigger than 500 subscriber you can use get response because get response prices lower than Aweber with similar features.

If you have more than 1000 subscribers in your list; you can use get response monthly package .depending on your list size, they have a lower price than Aweber. If you buy their package for a longer period like two years or three years, they will offer you a maximum of 30% off on base price so your cost will be minimum.

Aweber also allows you to pay upfront but you can get a maximum of 15% off on base price.

If you starting your email marketing journey and have lower than 500 subscribers you can try for the Aweber Free Plan but if you exceed 500 subscribers and want an advanced email marketing solution GET RESPONSE will worth the money. Overall I will say get response win in price and feature.


Both will allow you to host an email list.

Both have premade newsletters templates.

Both have auto-responder functionality which will allow you to send an automatic email to your subscriber list when the signup.

Both have statistical analysis so you will get crucial data like opening rate, clicking on the link and so on which will help you to get success

Message builder which will allow you to create and edit is newsletter without any coding.

Both Offer Landing page builder.


Get response has more features than Aweber.

Get response offers numerous third party integration.

Automatic Funneling and sending option.

Get response offer conversion funnel.

AMP for email is available only in Aweber .


Both have a prebuild e-newsletter template. Can be modified and send to your customer. Both provide a responsive template that means both can be used for different devices but the key difference is that the get response newsletter template is more comfortable than Aweber. Get response to introduce a newly built 100 template to the library which is responsive and can smoothly work with new Gmail and other email service provider. Get response app have 600 pre-built newsletter template and Aweber have 700 prebuilt newsletter template so Aweber wins this in terms of quantity.


along with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple mail also supports different web fonts so email automation companies introducing them to their subscriber. The selection of a wide range of web font will allow a designer to create a nice looking and personal branded email template. Aweber has few Google font which can be used for the newsletter editing but in older get response template customer was unable to use google font.

In Updated get response newsletter template you can use different types of Google font and personalize your branding but in Aweber, there is a limited option to use Google fonts.

in web, font section get response wins.


AMP for email is option where any subscriber can sign up or take any action directly in their email box so there is no need to follow a link and go to another website. This is a great feature for updating and communicating with your subscriber. Get response doesn’t have these features only Aweber have these features Clearly it’s a big win for Aweber


Autoresponder is software that allow you to send an automatic email to the subscriber when they subscribe or even after a week. If you are using a signup form you can create an auto-responder to welcome them, then you can send them valuable information, offer them a discount or new product. Those companies have an autoresponder feature but in get response you will feel premium. In get response email template you can set up automatic email for a time a specific time or based on any action like joining a particular list, have birthdays, or any particular segment so you can personalize you to your subscriber. Getresponse autoresponder is far better than Aweber autoresponders because of the functionality and editing menu.


get response recently launched their marketing automation tool where you can create a newsletter and personalized email automation based on different actions they have taken by your subscriber. You can also edit and create a marketing strategy to send emails to your subscriber by analyzing their behavior. There are a large number of trigger in get response so you can personalize your email sequence based on the following behaves

Email opening

Clicking on your link

Product purchase

Cart abandoned

URL visited

A change in customer biodata.

Aweber also has a feature like this call “campaign tools” but at this moment Aweber provides a very basic Trigger that will allow you to tag a subscriber and send an automated email to the subscriber.


get response will allow you to import data from various third-party tools but Aweber only allow you to import data in a specific file type such as lxx,xlsx,csv.

Get response allow you to import data from third-party tools also it can use the following file types CSV, tcf,vcf,xlx and odious.

Both get response and Aweber will allow you to import data manually by copy pasting the data or manually added one by one. Generally get response will allow you to import data on the same day if you have a larger list but in Aweber, you have to wait24 hours to add the contact list if you have more than 10000 subscribers.


Get response and Aweber both have these features where single opt-in will allow you to get user data without confirmation and double opt-in will allow you to create a confirmation email and then will be able to add it into the contact list. These features both have pros and cons. The double option will ensure that we have more cleaner data and there is no bot but the single option will not be able to identify humans and bots. In marketing automation, both opt-in features are valuable if you create a segmented list.

Get response and Aweber both have this feature.


anding page or squeeze page is a page where you can capture your subscriber data like email phone number gender etc. Both email service providers have these features but in get response you will be able to create 10 versions of a single landing page so you can determine which is better converting and you can also able to perform an A/B test which will help you to determine best performing landing page.

But in Aweber, you will have only a basic drag and drop builder and there is no A/B testing. So definitely get response win in this section.


Aweber and get response both will allow you to segment your list but there is a key difference between them. If you’re using get response you will be sent the newsletter to your subscriber based on time, behave, priority, and seven other data at a specific time.

In Aweber, you can only segment data on specific behaves and it will allow sending email to a segment at a time. If segmentation is the main priority you can use Get Response.


Recently get response to introduce a new feature called a get response webinars. This is the feature you will not find in any email automation service provider. If you have a plus or higher package you will be able to run webinars from your account. So you can easily create a webinar on a landing page and get customer data like email, name, etc. Get response webinars will allow you to create multiple presentation at a time. You can create any chat room, new whiteboard presentation .you can share your screen also you will be able to record your webinar.

But there is attendee limits get response webinars

In the Plus package, you can host a maximum of 100 participants at a the professional plan, you can host a maximum of 300 people at a time, and Enterprise plans will allow you to host maximum 500 people at a time.

You can also be able to webinar features as add on. If you are running basic plan and wanted to get the feature you have to pay $40 which will allow you to host 100 attendees at a time. Additional $99 per month with basic package will allow you to a maximum of 500 attendees at a time.

If you wanted to run a webinar in Aweber you have to use third-party tools like gotowebinar which will cost you more money. If you are interested to run webinars and create a list definitely you can choose to get response


This is the features that trigger any autoresponder to send an email to the subscriber list. Get response have integrated features called perfect time which will allow you to send an automatic email to your subscriber where they prone to open their email. Get response analyzer will determine when to send an email. This will allow you to increase your revenue.

Aweber also had a feature called “send Window” which will allow you to limit the time you send your automatic email to a particular time slot but get response has a sophisticated feature to automate this Email sending method which will bring you more results to your business.


he conversion funnel is the newest get response feature that allows you to create a product catalog, sales page, cart abandon, landing page, and accept payment even direct Facebook ads integration. Get response wanted to become all in one platform for their user. They also wanted to expand their market in local business, eCommerce, affiliate marketing .this features are not available in Aweber.

get response conversion funnel


Both have a good support system, they already own Stevie award for best customer support. Previously get response was providing phone support but right now they are providing chat and email supports, their email support supported in eight languages.

If you want phone support you can go for AWEBER.


Get response and Aweber both have a free trial option to check their support.

In Aweber, you can try their Forever FREE plan with a lifetime till you reach 500 subscriber

In get response you will get a 30days trial with all of their features till your list contains under 1000 subscribers.

You can check out their trial account below




Both get response Aweber has features you need to become successful in email marketing. If you need easy to use all in all platform for your e-communication then you can go for get response

If you want more pre-built templates along with AMP for email then you can choose AWEBER


Marketing automation.

Easy to use.

Easy to integrate with third-party tools.

Built-in webinar functionality.

Conversion funnel builder.

Low Price than nearest competitors.

Up to 30% discount on Pre-Payment.

Send Time Optimization Features.

Multiple Customer Support options in a different language.


More pre-built Template

Offers AMP for Email.

It can be integrated with third-party tools.

Offers Phone Support.

It offers a lifetime FREE PLAN.

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