How do I make money online-complete guide 2021

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In this new digital era instead of asking How do I make money online, ask yourself a question which is what is my passion. Today I will discuss the evergreen money-making method which will last in still next few decades. If you are lazy this is not for you. You have to work hard and make money in this era

How Do I make Money Online

 So today I will talk about the following money-making method

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Vlogging
  4. Video production
  5. Online tutoring
  6. Pet sitting
  7. Lead generation
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. Writing

affiliate marketing:

 Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online for a lifetime. Like blogging, you have to identify a niche and create content and send traffic to your content and make money. Affiliate marketing success depends on the mentality and focus. As with blogging, for starting an affiliate marketing journey you have to narrow down your knees and create content

 Basic steps in affiliate marketing

  •  Sign up with an affiliate marketing company
  •  Choose your offer
  •  Setup website or landing page
  •  Set up autoresponder
  • Send traffic to your website 
  •   Make sales
  •  Rinse and repeat

There is so many affiliate marketing company out there on the internet like Commission junction, share a sale, click bank, warrior plus, etc. they approve easily.

Choose your offer:

 There are thousands of affiliate products working well on different Marketplace you have to find out a product that is more convertible and will last for 2-3 years. This way you can create a simple piece of content and make money for the next few years. You have to follow a strict rule to choose any offer.

Set up your website or landing page:

 When you have an offer to promote, vendors of the product will provide you sales page, tracking link, graphics, and everything to start to promote that specific product.

 When you will go there sales page, you will find out the advantage and disadvantages of the product, how it will benefit the buyer, and so much Essential information for creating a great piece of content for your website or landing page.

Autoresponder setup

 go to any auto responder website and create an account autoresponder, they will allow you to collect email and send email sequences regularly so once people will come to your website and sign up for your newsletter you will be able to send them a promotional offer.

Send traffic to your website:

 In all kinds of affiliate marketing businesses or online marketing businesses, you need the traffic to make money. There are different ways to get traffic from the internet, these included Facebook, Reddit, Google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, solo ads, etc. it is easy to get traffic to your landing pages

Make sales, rinse and repeat

When you will send traffic to your website you will start to get sales on that specific offer. Rinse and repeat the full method to make more sales and get a passive income.


Blogging is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in 2021 and beyond. There are thousands of blogging topics out there online. Choose any topics and create articles. You can start your blogging journey.

You can get traffic from social media forums blogs. Search Engine Optimization is the main key source of traffic if you want to start your blogging journey. If you learn how to do Search Engine Optimization it will help you for a lifetime to get organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

The main question is how you can start your blogging journey

-Identify a broad niche

-identify subtopic or narrow niche

-create tutorial or informative article

Video production

If you go to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video sharing site you will find out there are thousands of videos making money in a way you cannot imagine.

There are thousands of topics like news celebrity gossip song traveling etc. there are some videos on YouTube, they are getting millions of views and making thousands of dollars every month in a passive income. For starting your video production journey you will need a camera, sound equipment and you are ready to go to create video and make money. If you don’t have any budget for those equipment’s simply then your cell phone camera will be a great choice for creating a video.

You live in an area where there are different types of foods, different locations, heritage, etc. You can make a video and upload it on YouTube.

You can upload any type of video on YouTube, if you regularly upload videos after a certain time period you will start to get more views and you can apply for AdSense and make money for your Living.

online tutoring

 If you are a student or have the knowledge and a specific subject you can earn m money online by tutoring different types of students. Few websites allow online tutoring.

Virtual assistant:

 a virtual assistant or VA can be a great choice where you can make money online right now. there are many types of virtual assistant jobs in different Marketplace like up work, Fiverr,, etc. You can make $10 to $15 per hour as a virtual assistant.

Pet sitting:

If you don’t know any online or you can start making money by signing up at a different pet sitting company. When you sign up they will assign you a job to walk a pet or take care of a pet for a certain period of time. You can earn $10 to $15 per hour by only doing pet sitting in your neighborhood area.

article and copy Writing:

If you have grammatical knowledge and you are good at English or in your native language you can make money by writing on different Marketplaces.

 if you know copywriting you can make big bucks in the industry because right now copywriting industry is booming. For low-quality articles, you can make $5 to $10 per thousand words article. A high-quality article can be a great source for your income because usually, a good writer can make $15 -$35 per thousand words article.


Raihan is a fast-paced, process-oriented, and eager professional result driven passionate individual with 6 years’ experience in Marketing, Search Engines Optimization, and Business Development. As a professional, I have been producing expected business results in Digital Marketing, Small Business Search Engines Optimization with my functional knowledge, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

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