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If you search on Google or you will find different ways to earn $1000 per month. But there is no indirect method there only shows you from where you can actually make $1000 per month. In today’s article, I am going to show you how realistic way so can make $1000 a month without doing so much hard work

I am going to show you a method where you can actually make $1000 or an unlimited amount of money if you have consistency in your work.

For getting a proper inside of the method I am going to show you the exact method I followed for making money from affiliate marketing. also i am gonna share a case study of how I can earn more than a thousand per month from a single piece of content

On my website I have three articles on entry Institute, one is a review article, the second one is how to make money with entry institute, another one is a review article of different upsells product of entry Institute.

I am getting more than $3,000 per month in passive income just from those three content I created a few months back.

here is the exact strategy I followed

Tools needed and I have used for affiliate marketing

Domain and hosting


Landing page builder


Domain and hosting:

There are so many domains and hosting companies out there in the market you can choose from. They Run different offers for different purposes you can get a website and host for a year at a low cost.


An autoresponder will help you to automate send your email to your subscriber. There are so many autoresponder companies out there you can choose from. I am familiar with Uber and get response it will be easier for you .

Landing page builder:

If you have money in can use click funnel or you can use free element or page builder for designing your landing page. Click funnel will cost you $99 per month and the elementor have both free and paid version. Your job can be done with the free version.


Traffic is the main game-changer in affiliate marketing. If you don’t have any traffic in affiliate marketing or any internet-related business you will not survive for a long time in the business so you have to design your traffic method from where you will get the traffic. you can get traffic from Quora, Facebook, Reddit, udimi, Google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and so on.

There are two types of traffic method

Free traffic method

Paid traffic method

I will discuss the free traffic method.

Free traffic is not free you have to work and get the traffic to your website or landing page. Free traffic will help you when you have content on your website or on youtube which is valuable for your audience. So number one thing is that to provide the value you have to create a contact map with at least 10 to 15 content solving all of the queries based on your niche. You have to create an article or video in that article or video have to solve all of the problems, showing all of the benefits when they solve their problems and create aha moment for your audience.

you have content now, for getting revenue from your content you have to get traffic from different sources. For example, You have to join different Facebook group which is niche-related or join in different subreddit.

First few days you have to introduce yourself to the different groups. it’s not like that you are going to introduce yourself in a formal way you just have to be active in different Facebook groups and subreddit. people will notice your activity then you will have some authority in different groups and subreddit. the authority will help you to get traffics.

Now the content promotion

When you spend time on different niche relevant groups, you will notice at a certain time, content gets more engagement and tends to get more traffic. Now you just have to copy all of your content and paste it into niche groups and subreddit. You will start to get more traffic and sell on your website when you do it regularly and it will increase your revenue.

Advantage of free traffic:

  • You just have to pay for the content
  • One simple piece of content will get to traffic for a lifetime
  • You can distribute a single piece of content 200 of social media and forums out there on the internet.
  • evergreen method of getting highly targeted traffic

The disadvantage of free traffic:

  • It takes time to get traffic

here is a gift for you. Check all of the free resource you need to make money as an affilaite



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