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When your parent’s school even tells you to get a job or simply you wanted to be independent yourself and make money as a teen. If you want to make money as a teen you have to do some work by using your smartphone and computer. There are multiple ways to make money just using your computer and smartphone.

 if you are a teenager you may be spending more Times on online either by computer or smartphone; what usually you do? Watching videos, taking surveys, surfing social media, listening to music. ok don’t do all of this thing for free, get paid by doing what you love.

There are multiple websites out there that pay you for only doing the survey, watching videos, providing your opinion. They provide you a gift card or direct money sent to your account by checking service or PayPal. Watching videos, providing your opinion. The best service out there is Swag bucks. To earn more points you can do multiple survey different videos on Swag bucks.


do you love getting cash back while you purchase anything online? You can try it ibotta.ibotta pays you by simply purchasing through the link. They are connected with different websites like Uber, Samsung, apple home depo, under armor, Olive garden, and many more. Easily you can make money while you’re shopping there with ibotta


if you wanted to make some extra money you can try my survey and Harris poll. Both websites require a minimum of 16 years to get participate at while you sign up you just have to prove that you are at least 16 years old and you can start it. my Harish and Harris poll. To take participant in a different survey they will ask you some basic question like a demographic, your age and you will start to earn a minimum of 50 cent to a maximum 1.25 dollar for most of the surveys out there in my service and Harris poll.


if you are a musicoholic person and wanted to some extra money while you’re listening to a different type of music you can try Music Xray. Music Xray will send you a different type of music from a new artist directly to your inbox. at least you have to listen to music for 30 seconds and you will get paid. This is simple as trying new music


Almost everything can be sold online and you can make money from them. if you are good at any specific subject like sketching, drawing, videogame, music, creating videos it is so you can easily sell them online and make some extra income.


if you have a mobile phone or computer you can easily start to create a YouTube channel and monetize with Google AdSense and other advertisers also you can collaborate with a different brand and get passive income for a lifetime. As I said previously if you’re good at any subject likes sketching, cooking, anything you wanted to show the world you can start a YouTube channel and make passive income while you sleep. You may know pewdiepie who is famous for creating gaming videos, also there Lucas and Marcus Dobre who made $110k per month just doing the challenge video


if you love to write it or if you are an expert in any specific topic you can create a blog and monitors with different at work and perform like Google AdSense, banner ads, and affiliate ads.

Another method of blog monetization is affiliate marketing you have to use an affiliate link to promote any specific product and it will give you a commission based on sales.

The commission depends on the product price. You can get a minimum 5 dollar Commission to a maximum $10,000 Commission on a given product. If you want a step-by-step guide to how to monetize your blog you can check Our article on how to make money by blogging.


if you are good at anything or if you have tips and tricks which will help millions of people out there are you can create an ebook or course and you can sell it to different Marketplace like jvzoo, Clickbank, and warrior plus.


there are thousands of ways to make money by doing only freelancing. If you know any type of skills that count for something you can sell it to different Marketplace this will allow you to make money from home and your favorite place. you will only need a Wi-Fi and laptop or mobile phone. If you go to a different freelancing marketplace you will find thousands of peculiar gigs that are selling between $5 to $10000 per gig. you can start freelancing on any subject or niche like writing, sketching, doing simple staffs, or even praying for other people, here are some example


if you have a mobile phone and camera and you love to take pictures of a landscape, pet, building, roads, or anything you like it you can send it to a different website like pixabay, Shutterstock. There are millions of people out there who need stock photos for their website or video, they need unique photos every time so if you are good at photography you can make thousands per month just by selling photos online.


the average cost for an American to own a pet is $1270 per month so you know this is a big industry. Pet sitting business is located where to make money. you can start your pet sitting business by asking around, posting on the local Facebook group or you can start to try with the Rover scout around your local area and register right away to start pet sitting and make money within a week.


There are so many busy people out there who need to do some easy work but they don’t have any time. It includes doing some proofreading or signing up on the different websites and doing shopping for them, to finish their to-do list, etc. make 1000 per month by only doing the simple easy task on Fiverr or Up work. Even you can start your virtual assistant agency. you can easily make $1000 to an unlimited amount of money by working as a virtual assistant.


There are so many businesses out there who need to maintain their social account but they don’t have enough time and a regular employee. As a teen you are a social geek, you are spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are small business coffee shops, coworking spaces in your area. you can ask around and offer them social media managing work. they will pay you a handsome amount of money for only Maintaining their social media accounts,. You also sell different gigs on Fiverr and Up work.


There is a company called humanity. They ensure the quality of different calls makes to their subscribed business. Sometimes you may be heard a tone while you call any business “This call me monitored for quality purpose”. An employee from humanity is the one who checks the quality of a call by analyzing customer conversation and doing a simple report on call. They pay $4.5 per hour. This is not so much money but it will work for you.


If you are a good student you can make money by teaching other younger people or students online. You can offer your service through Skype and FaceTime. The fun part is that you don’t need to be in person. There are two methods to get tuition, first one is you can ask around your local area are and the second one is online. Enroll is one of the best websites for tuition. if you are a minimum of 15 years old you can teach about any subject you are good at. if English your first language you can also teach the foreign student and make money.


Internet safety is your main priority so use a different email and social media account for online purposes. You can also install malware protection software on your desktop or computer and don’t open any attachments sent by a stranger. Share your information only when it needs to know situation. There are different types of scams out there .be aware of them and get security action. Even if you wanted 18 but still you have to pay income tax. you can use PayPal, they will automatically deduct the tax, and if you get a check hire a bookkeeper and be safe from IRS.


there are a thousand ways to make money online as a teen and also this is a great way for young people to enhance their skills and Entrepreneurship mindset. you can earn extra income for helping family and friends. Start today to change your life forever. There is no shortage of way to make extra income as under 18 ages/ you need to start ASAP.

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