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There are lots of articles and guide over the internet about how we can make money from blogging but this article is different because I will go deep down into the method to make money from blogging. in this post, I am going to give you a step by step guide about how we can make money from blogging and how we can start your blog for free. let’s deep dive into the article.

7 ways to make money blogging with example and strategy

  1. you can sell online courses and different workshop
  2. you can create a book and promote it through your blog.
  3. affiliate marketing
  4. AdSense and other advertising method
  5. Speaking gigs
  6. coaching service and consulting service
  7. Selling different service

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If you become an authority in your niche you can make most of your income by creating or promoting different online courses and workshops related to your nicHE. some bloggers make millions and millions of dollars per year by just only promoting and creating their own courses and workshop. for example Neil Patel. thousands of people worldwide follow him because he provides value to their customers and readers to his work nail Patel. he becomes one of the well-known figures in SEO and makes money online industry and people recognized him because he started his journey with blogging but now he has a different course about SEO and different software about SEO making him a millionaire.


Some of the writers have created a book and promoted it through their blog to make thousand of sell for example mark Manson published a blog called The Subtle art of not giving f*** in 2015. he made a deal with HarperCollins and sell the book over 3000000 Copies in the US alone.


most of the blogger do passive income by promoting different products through their articles. if you wanted to increase your income and earn money while you sleep then affiliate marketing is the best method you got. you can recommend a relevant product, service, or physical product of a different company in your article and get a passive commission. blogger makes money by highlighting different product likes hosting, autoresponders, themes, and other essential tools needed for an internet marketer and normal people in this digital era.

As, Neil Patel makes millions of money through his Blog by recommending different product like Majestic, screaming frog, elementor, get response and different hosting product also like siteground, Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. most of the readers of Neil Patel is a freelance SEO service provider, affiliate marketer also some business owner they need this type of tool for their business survival. just recommend the product he loves and get Commission while he sleeps.


If you started your blog in your preferable niche and have followers who read your blog frequently, you can make money through AdSense or simply putting different company ads on your blog at any preferable location of your blog. some different niches like fashion, news, recipes are hard to monetize but there are too many methods to get revenue such as you can easily monetize your blog through AdSense and posting text ads and banner ads on your website.


If you have followers and people know you have in-depth knowledge in your niche. you can make money simply by speaking at different seminars And webinars. If you are in the make money online niche you know Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and some other prominent figures in the make money online niche. this person I have mentioned earlier makes $25k to $100K just for 60 to 90 minutes Talk in a seminar and webinar.


If you become an authority in your niche and people know you well, you can simply provide Consulting service and make a nice living it does not depend on your audience or follower amount. most of the people who are well known to their niches, simply make money only by Consulting other people and business owners out there. their fee depends on how long are you need the consultation. The best example is Vick he charged over 25k for a 30 minutes counseling session.


The best way to make money from your blog is by providing freelance service .like if you are a web designer or writer you can simply get lots of customers from your blog. the blog will be like a customer acquisition hub for you. there is some blogger who makes 6 Figure to 7 figure per year just by simply providing freelance services and gig. this is the most profitable method if you do it properly. if you simply install a contact form on your blog, the customer will start to contacts you from day one. you can provide service in Fiverr or Upwork or set up your agency.

now the fun part of how we can start your blog and make it a profitable passive income source. here is the step-by-step guide to make money simply by blogging…

I will discuss the following things

how you can choose the right blogging niche which is profitable for you?

how you can improve your content scale?

what will be your traffic source?

how you can increase your email list?

how to monetize your blog with an affiliate product?

How we can develop your unique mechanism?

how we can create a viable funnel

if you don’t have any experience or simply you are starting from Ground Zero with no traffic or influential friends it’s easy to wonder how you will make money from your blog, where is my complete step-by-step guide, how we can start your blog, and monetize easily and make money while you sleep.


Most of the Guru out there will tell you that passion is profits, expertise is profit And hard work is profit.

But I will tell you a simple fact that wrong passion, wrong expertise, and hard work without smartness is not profitable by any means.

you have to find out your true passion which has value in the market. If you become an expert in the valuable market and do hard work with smartness it will be profitable for you for a lifetime.

For choosing a profitable niche you just have to analyze how many search volumes does it have, Google trend in your niche, you also have to consider competition in your niche. for example if you wanted to start a blog in make money online Niche it has a market value, lots of competition, Google trend will be same for a single year but problem is that there are so many Gurus out there .you will not be able to overtake them because of their authority, expertise in the field. so what will you do?? simply leaving the niche? my answer is no. definitely you have to work in this niche but you just have to narrow down your niche. when people wanted to make money online they need different tools like hosting, autoresponder, sales funnel creator copywriter, and automation service, provider. so you can easily choose any narrow niche and dominate that niche using valuable content and an in-depth helpful resource to the audience.

So in a simple way

Choose a narrow niche

provide value to your reader with valuable content

dominate your Narrow niche

become prominent in your niche market

take a bite in the main niche


Content is always king you may be heard this word. if you always do if you provide valuable content to your reader it will be beneficial for your reader which will make you recognize in your field. so the question is how we can improve your content skill?

for improving your content skill you have to learn basic English grammar and paragraph writing. if you are not good at grammar you can simply use different online tools like Grammarly which will correct your grammatical errors and spelling in your content.

most important thing is that is you must have expertise in your topic. so how will be an expert in a specific given topic? there are two ways; one is your own experience and the other one is you have to read so many books and have to attend different webinars about that specific topic. for example, if you wanted to write an article about autoresponder you must have to mention how it works, what things are needed to create an autoresponder sequence, how you can create email templates. you just have to use any autoresponder like get response and Aweber. You can simply take a screenshot of the process you were doing and describe it in an article your reader will love the article and come back again to your blog.

If you want that millions and millions of people read your blog you have to analyze your competitor’s content and have to know which type of content is doing better out there. you have to create your own set of rules for writing good content as like top ten list post, how to post; you have to create better content than your competitors.

you have to spend some time researching your topic and creating a Framework that will help you to write down the proper article.


Traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic is the most important thing you need to make money from your blog. you can choose a different social media for getting traffic to your blog also you can rely on Google and other search engines to get traffic to your blog .when you are new getting traffic is the main pain in the**. if you have great content or video on your topic you can get traffic by sharing it to different niche relevant Facebook groups or answering questions on the different q&a forums like quora or starting a podcast or youtube channel?

there are so many traffic sources out there but Facebook and Google are the prominent traffic sources for your blog. sofa Google you must have the proper keyword Research and well-structured article which will provide value to the reader of your blog. Search Engine Optimisation and Facebook traffic is a two different method but the mechanism is the same if you do it properly. if you want to get traffic from Google you have to choose your topic which has great search volume and a good trend in a yearly manner.

For example, an article on how to do things, an article on product description and review, tips on a given topic.

On Facebook peoples mostly talk about family and friends-related topics like parents parenting, self-improvement, dieting, cooking recipe, etc but there are different groups out there on Facebook where people talked about other things like make money online, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization and so on.

the best traffic method is that you can do both Facebook and search engines option if you properly create your content. in facebook; blogging and making money online case study, different writing method, email marketing method, autoresponder method goes viral. If you want to get traffic from the search engine you have to provide value to your reader by creating an in-depth article, if you readers love your content they will share in different social media platform which will help you to bring more visitors to your blog and established you as an authority on that niche.


when you try to read any blog online; you will see that in a specific period there is a popup that will ask you for sensitive information like name and email address. It’s the easiest way to get a subscriber to your list. there is a say in the marketing world that “money is in the list”. every subscriber you have, they are equivalent to $1 per month for example if you have a 10000 niche relevant email list you will make $10k per month. so the question is how we will get the email to grow your subscriber list? the answer is simply to provide some bait or valuable content to your reader, it can be a guide, tips, and tricks, or any giveaway Which will Trigger your reader to become a subscriber. In Fast few days introduce yourself to your subscriber list then offer something to buy. it can be digital products or a book or any service. when you have the trust of your subscriber they will buy everything from you without any hesitation and second thought


There are two ways to monetize your blog with an affiliate product. One way is a simple recommendation of the product on your blog and another one is to review a product. you can promote affiliate products by recommending them in your article or video.

Keep in mind that when you try to recommend a product you have to keep in mind that you have highlighted some specific information or reason for your audience to get the product. you have to keep in mind that is it providing the right solution and keeping the promise they make, also we can promote different tools that have a connection in your niche. for example if your blog is about email marketing you can promote email autoresponder and funnel builder and page builder like Aweber, get response , and click funnel, etc.

when you review a product on your niche you have to go deep down in that product information like how this product will help your audience ? how it will be beneficial for them? what problem the product is solving and its pros and cons etc


For making money from your blog or your product you have to understand when people will read or when they will pay you for a solution they are looking for. If you want to make money from your blog you have to provide the solution to your reader which will transit them from current position to the next position. if your reader wants to make money online you have to provide them different tips and tricks and help them to start their online business. you can create an offer or product which will solve their problem and transit their life from one level to the next level which is economical freedom.


If you want to make money from your blog the most important thing will be funnel building. you have to test different funnel and conversion rates of your funnel. when you offer something to your readers you have to analyze their behavior and segment your audience according to their behavior. so you can get most of your income by funneling them to a different product. Russell Brunson is one of the best guys when it comes to funnel building. he described an in-depth method of creating a funnel and making them profitable from zero to millions in his traffic secrets and expert secrets books. those books Russell Brunson shows different funnel creation method which will help you to start making money online without any big email list and the different software. in my experience, I have seen that funnel to a specific audience increases leads and sales.


some specific answer about my article if you have farther question


Definitely, bloggers make money by promoting different products and creating their products. it depends on different factors like how patient and persistent you are to make money online. starting a blog from scratch is hectic like starting your own small business. like you are creating a software company or accounting service or local restaurant. Those businesses are different from blogging but the pain is the same. in the first few months and years. that sounds like a long time but it would because you don’t have to do 9 to 5 jobs anymore, you can create your vacation time and you can live where you want to live in this world!!!


bloggers can make as much money as they can. most of the profitable bloggers out there are making millions of dollars per year. some profitable blogs like Majestic, Neil Patel, Lifehacker hundred of millions of dollars.


as I mentioned earlier there are so many ways to make money from a blog

you can promote an affiliate product

you can provide different service

you can start your agency

you can start freelancing and provide a freelancing service

you can create your product and so on.


most people will suggest you to get a domain and hosting to start your blog but you can also start your Blog free on-site like Because the medium has over 60 million active readers so you can get a lot of exposure and traffic from the medium. Google and Facebook also if you featured on the medium blog.

it will be better if you start with your blog because it will help you to become a brand in your niches. you can get cheap hosting and domain from Namecheap Bluehost and you can use a free theme to start your blog. combination of your website with medium, LinkedIn will get you the most exposure

The bottom line about how to make money by blogging while you sleep

is it possible to make money while you sleep by only doing blogging? definitely, you can make money while you sleep by doing only blogging but you have to treat blogging as a business. you can start your blog as a side Hustle .you can slowly start to grow and you can turn your blog into a passive income machine which will lead you to quit your job, spend more time with your family and you can travel whenever you want. but like most of the businesses out there and you have to do research, practice and become perfect in your niche. if you have passion and dedication for blogging you can change your life forever because it’s not about the money it’s about you can do whatever you want and you can help people out there.



Raihan is a fast-paced, process-oriented, and eager professional result driven passionate individual with 6 years’ experience in Marketing, Search Engines Optimization, and Business Development. As a professional, I have been producing expected business results in Digital Marketing, Small Business Search Engines Optimization with my functional knowledge, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

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