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 before starting about how to make money online while you sleep I have  to tell you about the passive income model

 what is passive income?

 Passive income is an income generation model where are you will create a blog website or blog or Youtube video which will give you money while you sleep.

 there are different ways to make money while you sleep making money when you sleep is like a dream to all of us. But the bitter truth is there is no shortcut to making money while you sleep and become rich overnight. And the good news is there are different ways to make money while you enjoy your life with your kids, your family, and friends. passive income is an earning process where you will do one-time work and get a return in a lifetime. In a passive income model the more time you provide work it will be very fruitful for a lifetime


how to make money while sleep


 affiliate marketing is a method where you promote different online-offline products such as digital and physical products through your blog, YouTube video, or any form of Publication.

 The affiliate network will provide a  tracking link for you and you have to put it on your website or blog or in YouTube description to make sales. when people will buy using your referral link you will get money. your commission varies from $5 to  $2,000 depends on the product type.

 The best part is you don’t have to create a product and maintain storage and other facilities like shipping the product; you just have to make the sales using a referral link.

 Affiliate marketing will work for you if you have a social account blog or YouTube channel or any other platform where you will get traffic. For example, if you have a blog you post an article on any given product and you just have to mention your referral link  on your article, and visitor or reader will go to their main store, you will get money while people by using your link.



 Print on demand is a designing product like t-shirt, bed cover, mug, etc and selling it for a profit. In this method, you don’t have to create the product, ship the product or do anything you just have to upload the design to a different website like CafePress and they will create the product and ship it to the customer. you just have to upload your product design and make a sale using your affiliate link and they will ship the product you just have to get the sale and they will give you commission for example if you sell a t-shirt at $25 you will make nearly $10 to $15  Commission. The best part is this if you don’t have any designing skills or anything else you just have to advertise your referral link from the Marketplace and make a sale you will also get the same Commission ..Print on demand is a method where you will offer custom made t-shirt mug rugs and house all item to get sales. this is the best passive income method where you have to do little things not so many complicated things. The difficult part of this print-on-demand marketing is getting the right audience and the right fulfillment center. first of all, you will have to find out the correct niche which is profitable. When you find a profitable list is just have to do is hiding print on demand product creation then you just have to upload the product in different Marketplace and run ads on Facebook YouTube or any other platform where your niche relevant people are active. The best practice for print on demand is email marketing. I just have to set up your WordPress or the woo-commerce website and connect it with your email marketing platform like Aweber and get response, track user activity and send them occasionally email you will make more sales.


One of the important passive income models is blogging. What do you know, your what is your passion? Suppose you know affiliate marketing. If you start a blog in affiliate marketing and provide tips and tricks and educational methods, people will love your blog. It will get automatically visitors from both the search engine and different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You will be able to monetize your blog with different affiliate marketing products like Google AdSense and other advertising methods .you will also be able to create your own digital product and books. if you wanted to get lifetime passive income you have to do Search Engine Optimisation so your audience will find you easily.


email marketing is an easy way to make passive income. email marketing will allow you to direct conversation with your subscriber. which will make you an authority to your subscriber. you don’t need a high traffic blog or a youtube channel or social media account. You just have to create a squeeze page or landing pages and a thank you page to grow your email list. you can get a subscriber on a low budget from different solo ads platforms like udemi and you can use get response and Aweber for email automation. which will allow sending an automatic email to your subscriber. like a blog and any other passive income methods: in the first few days you have to provide it helpful information, tips, and method to your subscriber. then you have to start to offer them a preferable product.


if you are good at drawing, cooking or marketing, or anything profitable for a specific group of people. you can create an ebook or Digital or physical product and sell it on a different platform which will allow you to make money while you sleep. It is a time-consuming process but while you finish the product and market it to the different marketplace you will get automatic sales in-year after year. You don’t have to do marketing or shipping or payment processing. you just have to create a valuable ebook or product which will be sold automatically on Marketplace. Marketplace will get the payment and give you the commission also you can even create an affiliate offer for that specific product and there are thousands of people out there who are ready to provide sales. This is the best way I think. If you use a Marketplace like Clickbank,jvzoo, warrior plus you don’t have to do anything they will provide money to affiliate, maintain your taxes, and ship the product, you will get a commission. for creating a digital product you will need a website, autoresponder, landing page designer. if you are lazy like me you can also use click funnel because they have the prebuilt template for landing pages and webinar pages.


there is one of the major passive income methods is dropshipping. in the dropshipping business, you have to find out a product and create a label and get the order from the customer. shipping packaging and fulfillment will be done by your vendor .you have to do is marketing the product. There are different ways to market your product in the market place like eBay, Amazon fulfillment program, Facebook marketplace, Facebook ads, youtube ads. the downside of this drop shipping is Sourcing the product inventory and quality of the product and sometimes high wholesale rate.


if you want to make passive income while you sleep you have to build your business from ground zero, with time it will grow and give you the best result and money. definitely, you can make money while you sleep but your foundation has to be the best. if you want my suggestion I will suggest you jeff lerner program which is entre institute. where he teaches everything to start your passive income business, maintain your business and personal life and health. it’s a complete package to start your journey. if my article helps you please share it with your loved ones to change their life.



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