How to make money without spending any money

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If you want to make money without spending money you have to make sure that you are doing consistent work till the next 45 days. In this article, I am going to describe a to z process about how you can make money without spending any money or any resources.

there are lots of ways to make money online without any spending for example you can make money with blogging, vlogging, reviewing a product, video marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

I am going to describe all process of making money in below

How to make money without spending any money

How to make money without spending any money

Number #1 blogging:

if you are good at writing you can start blogging on a specific niche where you have expertise also you can start blogging by describing what you think of any political issue, entertaining issue, or virtually anything.

For blogging, you will need a hosting and domain. But if you don’t want to spend money on hosting and domain you can also start free on different platform like WordPress, blogger, etc.

How to make money without spending any money

Number #2 vlogging:

Definitely, you have a mobile, you can create a video about anything like tourist spot in your area, the best restaurant in your area, Window shopping area, garage sale in the nearby area. If you have any pets you can create a video with your pet. Also, you can document your neighboring area and post video on YouTube, and make passive income for life. In my opinion, this is the best method for earning passive income for lifetime. Can also start earning money by posting review video of different physical and digital product which is available in your area. I saw some people who made nearly $10000 to $15000 per month by simply uploading a video of the neighboring area and daily activities on YouTube.

Number #3 review.

If you are not camera shy or you love to create videos, you can promote affiliate products by reviewing them. You can do this thing in two ways

1) Review on digital product

2) Reviewing a physical product

Let’s talk about a digital product review:

If you wanted to make money by reviewing a product you can start with Click bank affiliate marketing and warrior plus affiliate marketing. For example, if you go to you will find hundreds of product which will be published in Click bank or warrior plus or jvzoo. you can simply pick a product and go to their JV page .you will find out each and every information needed for creating a review article or video. Let’s say you are promoting the entry Institute. First, you have to sign up for it into the Entre Institute affiliate program then they will provide you an affiliate link. You have to follow the affiliate link and check their sales page. On the sales page you will find out the pros and cons of the Entre Institute, you’ll also find a specific target area of the entry Institute product.

Step two is to note down some pros and cons and benefits of the entry Institute. Then you can write a long-form article having the information or you can simply start to create a video using Microsoft PowerPoint for Google slideshow. it will be better if you use your own voice or you can get a voice-over from Fiverr or any Marketplace.

If you continuously review any product for 45 days you will definitely become successful in your affiliate marketing and make passive income for a long time.

2) Reviewing physical product:

At first, definitely, you do not have enough money to buy a product and review them but if you collaborate with your local shop owners and offer them that if you review the product and create a positive Vibe people will come and buy from your shop, the shop owner will allow you to access the product and create a video.

I saw some Youtuber who started their physical product review business by asking nearby shop owners to give them a product to review it. After reviewing the product they just send the product to the shop owner. When the video gets starting view and engagement people will go to that specific shop and buy them. So it’s a Win-Win situation for both of you.

Number #4 affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing

For creating a passive income, affiliate marketing is the best solution for you without spending any money. The number one rule for success in affiliate marketing is consistency and daily updates on marketing trends.

if you don’t have enough money it’s not a problem if can start with actually zero budget with affiliate Marketing.

First of all, make sure that you will continuously do your job next 45 days:

Create a content calendar or your activity calendar

Create review article or video

Post your content for 45 days

Don’t expect any money in these 45 days

After these 45 days, your article or video will get views and engagement and passively you will start to earn money. If you do this 45 days I will ensure that you will be successful in marketing.

There are thousands of products out there to promote in affiliate marketing for example there are spiritual, sporting, self-improvement, and other products available in the different marketplace like click bank. If you go to Click bank you will find out thousands of products in a different category. By following your interest you can choose any specific category or niche and start to create a review article or video and post your content for 45 days. After 45 days your life definitely will change forever. You will start to earn money.


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