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Name cheap is a well-established domain and hosting company was found in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. Namecheap is good for a starter and low budget web hosting and domain name, Namecheap started their hosting service in 2007. Namecheap is good for small and large-scale web hosting and domain name service. they have over 3 million active users with millions of millions of domains under their control.

They usually offer domain and hosting in low budget 100% legal company where you can find your desired domain and host and they have over more than 200 TLD you can choose from.


When you are working on a website or running complete business security is the main issue you will face because there are different types of people in this world. to provide the best security system they use different software and firewall. they have the best security software and Firewall so zero possibility for breaching your website .they use hot links and a virus protection system so you don’t need to worry about the virus. On top of that, they offer a free SSL certificate for your website. if you have SSL certificates will help your website against any threat a.


You have to go to their website select your domain and hosting plan pay the fees and you are completely able to run your website as soon as DNS propagation is finished.


Name cheap have three types of hosting on is shared hosting another on is VPS hosting and lastly word press first I am going to talk about their shared hosting


They have three shared web hosting package one is stellar where you will get 20 GB SSD and you can run 3 websites and another one is stellar plus where you will get unlimited SSD storage for unlimited website and there is an auto backup, third shared hosting package is stellar business which is cloud-based hosting,

Stellar business offers 50 GB SSD, unlimited website, auto backup and free domain, unlimited bandwidth, website builder, different other scripts as needed. in stellar business pack, you will get true stability, data protection, and zero interruption which means your website will have zero downtime

wordpress hosting namecheap


Namecheap have three WordPress hosting package:

easy wp starter:

This package star with 10GB SSD storage and 50k visitors per month, its price $ comes with all benefits of name cheap likes easy integration, easy wp cash plugin, money-back guarantee, customer support, automatic updates, and SFTP client support, etc.

Easy WP Turbo:

It comes with 50 GB SSD storage, 200k visitors, 1.5x CPU, 1.5x RAM Free CDN, FREE SSL, and all benefits of Namecheap

Easy WP Supersonic

This WP hosting package comes with 100GB SSD storage, 500k visitors per month, 2X CPU, 2X RAM, FREE CDN, FREE SSL, 99.99% Uptimes and all benefits of name cheap mention earlier


Name cheap VPS hosting comes with two plans, pulsar, and the quasar. in both packages, you will get full root access and operating system selection, you can choose your server management software, free migration, top security and comes with 30days money-back guarantee.

In the pulsar package you will get 2 CPU cores, 2GB ram, 40GB SSD Raid 10, and 1000 GB bandwidth

In Quasar VPS hosting package you will get 4 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, 120GB SSD Raid 10, and 3000 GB bandwidth. Namecheap offers Inter worx web panel with Cent OS which allows multiple admins and user-level access with unlimited accounts. They also offer Cpanel management for VPS hosting

vps hosting namecheap


Free SSL:

when you buy a new domain in name cheap you will get a free SSL for one year .this is the most advanced technology for your domain.

 Good Uptime: 

when you buy a new domain or hosting always you have to remember that good Uptime time is best for your website and your ranking in Google. Name cheap have the best quality good Uptime time like it has a 99.9% uptime 

Auto backup in two weeks:

name cheap offer auto backup every two weeks. so you don’t need to worry about your website back and don’t need any extra plugins

 Free migration:

Name cheap offer free migration from another domain and hosting company .even they will live your site without any downtime 

 Free email account:

 if you buy their hosting they will offer 30 email account for the Stellar hosting package and if you buy their Stellar Plus package, you will get an unlimited email account so this is a big advantage if you are running a big company or a small company under your domain.

 Fair pricing policy:

 There are no hidden charges in the name cheap. every charge there is mentioned in your package so I think that this is the best deal because they will not overcharge you.

User-friendly interfaces:

 Name cheap have good user interfaces are you will I get everything in under on tab from hosting to the domain or e-mail account you will get in your single tab.


they offer complete Cpanel access and there is some option in your panel which is so user-friendly. I used to get Bluehost and another company but they have some Limited option but in name cheap, you will find everything in under on tab you will change a different setting without any hesitation. For increasing page speed and Web Vital, you have to work with a different setting.

Data Base:

You can directly access the database or you can create your database with the name cheap hosting. I think they have to offer more than 50 SQL database and another database is an option for your hosting account. they also support FTP file transfer protocol 

the best thing about name cheap its support:

 if you are a newbie in the domain and hosting management and if you are complete noobs in coding and all other thing related to database management name cheap is the best option for you because they have 24 /7 support system and they are so much professional so much helpful and they will solve your problem within few minutes I remember when I started my own online business I started my site with name cheap domain and hosting. I was completely noobs with coding and setting up a website so every time I asked name cheap support about any problem they solved it within a few minutes .and another thing is that they provide 24 /7 and 365 days support so it does not matter where you are located in this planet they will get you covered.



sometimes you will get low speed on your website because of shared hosting. this is not an issue if you have a normal site without so much graphics,

Linux server:

although it’s not an issue if you are not a pro in database management. Linux servers also help in easy management.


Most frequent questions and answers

Namecheap is a reliable company you can trust and do business with. they have more than 3 million actives users with millions of domains under their control .they have a good reputation in the domain and hosting industry.

Cost depends on you, name cheap package start with $1 and varies between $10 to $25 depends on your requirements.

Which Namecheap Plan should I Buy:

You can start with the lowest package because you can easily upgrade later depending on your needs. when you will get a decent amount of traffic you can increase or upgrade your package.

Namecheap has only two data centers, one is Uk and another in the USA at a different location.


If you starting your business or blog or any type of website and on a tight budget, you can always start with i earlier mention that I started my website and affiliate marketing business with the Namecheap domain and hosting. i still use Namecheap for a domain, hosting, and email service because of the easy interface, management, support, and overall service satisfaction

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